tibet3 -- Tibet. Mt. Everest Base Camp. 17,500 ft. Day 3: Here is an evening shot of Mount Everest as seen from Base Camp. Wow! Earlier that day I had an interesting experience. I walked down from the pass past the village of Zangbo (Zamphuk) and I came to a river where I met two Tibetian men. I indicated I was going to Everest and they told me (through sign language) that I needed to cross the river. They also seemed to be offering to carry me across the river. I declined their offer and watched them cross. They removed their shoes and pants and held on to each other (shoulder to shoulder) and slowly crossed the rapidly moving water. Then I realized that they were not offering to carry my, they simply wanted to help me across as they crossed. I wished then that I had accepted their help. After they crossed they sat down and watched me cross. I took off my shoes and pants, put my camera in my pack and started across. The water was REALLY COLD, I've never felt my feet go so numb with cold before. The water came up to the middle of my thigh and it was running very fast. I almost fell several times on the loose rocks but somehow I managed to cross safely to the other side. The Tibetians were laughing at me and I can understand why.

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