tibet2 -- Our Kharta trek began in Yueba. As there are very few forieners seen here we were quite a novelty. Our driver had been instructed by our travel agent that we wanted to hire yaks and a yak handler to carry our gear. So we approached the first house we saw and our driver communicated our intentions to the owner. Well, it quickly became clear that we would not be able to hire yaks and since our driver spoke no English we were on our own. Actually it was a fairly easy matter to arrange for three porters, negociate a price for their labor, plan the itinerary, and prepare for the trip. I had a short list of Tibetin words and using that and some paper and pencil I was able to draw pictures of our trek and explain how many days we needed porters. In this picture we are showing the porters what it is we want them to carry. We unloaded the car and all of our stuff was carried to our porters house where we set up our tents.

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