nepal_processed_scans -- Gokyo village as seen from part way up Gokyo Peak. About the weather in Gokyo. That is a funny story. I started to climb Gokyo Peak the first day I got there but it got cloudy so I turned back half way up. A couple days later I got a really early start because every day it was getting cloudy by 10 AM. I got half way up and had to go to the bathroom. So I walked off the side of the trail and did my thing and then proceeded to climb the rest of the mountain. When I got to the top I realized I had left my camera where I went to the bathroom. I was tired from the climb so I resigned myself to go without pictures. Somebody at the top was kind enough to take my picture and promised to send it to me. I was lucky to find my $1000 camera, it was only possible because I had an altitude watch and I happen to have noted the altitude when I went to the bathroom. Well, a couple days later I took a rest day and slept real late. As I was eating breakfast at about 10 AM and I noticed there were no clouds in the sky. So much for the rest day, I packed my camera and climbed to the top by noon. It was fantastic, I had the entire mountain to myself so I shot two or three rolls before heading down.

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